A General Meeting will be held at Focus Point, 21 Caledonian Road, London N1 9BG on 2 October 2020 at?10:30am in connection with the Capital Raising.? Full details of the resolutions are available in the Notice of Meeting included within the Prospectus which can be found here.

Attendance at the General Meeting

Please note that, in light of the UK Government announcing its intention to legally restrict gatherings of more than six people, and in accordance with the Company’s commitment to the safety of our shareholders?and colleagues, shareholders, or their proxy (if not the Chairman of the meeting) or corporate?representative, will be unable to attend the General Meeting in person.?We will arrange for the meeting to be held with the minimum number of persons physically present required?to form a quorum. Shareholders are strongly encouraged to listen to the audio livestream of the meeting?and to complete in advance an online proxy appointment form appointing the Chairman of the meeting as?their proxy. For instructions on how to listen to the meeting, please refer to the notes in the Notice of?General Meeting. Any shareholders who attempt to attend the meeting in person will be refused entry.